Fathers Day Beveled Glass Plaque Fathers Day Beveled Glass Plaque This fantastic Father's Day plaque can be customized by using a variety of Rub N Etch stencils, and a few other materials for your choice of embellishments. Let your creativity shine in this gift for Dad!
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Fathers Day Beveled Glass Plaque

Fathers Day Beveled Glass Plaque

  • #30-2283 3.5 " x 5 " Vertical Beveled Crescent Picture Frame
  • #20-0429, or #20-0423, or #20-0434- Rub N Etch Stencils are just a few suggestions
  • #20-0492 - Rub N Etch Stencil- Gala or #12-7030 Gala 3 pak (Cut two letter D, one letter A)
  • #20-0565 or #12-7014-Rub N Etch Stencil-Romantic Words (Cut out appropriate saying)
  • #61-3329 Rub N Buff Metallic Wax (gold was used in our project)
  • #08-9777 Scissors
  • #61-3342 Gem Tac Glue or #61-3370 Hot Fix Wand
  • #08-9415 1/2" wide masking tape
  • #08-9999 Plastic or rubber gloves
  • #08-9606 Disposable craft brush
  • Cotton Swab
  • White Small Rhinestones (4 were used in our project)
  • Soft paper towel or cloth
  • Ruled paper to fit right half of frame
  1. Using project photo as your guide for placement, lay out stencil pieces on glass. Hold in place with a piece of masking tape.
  2. Following website instructions, rub down stencils & mask off as described.??Ǩ? Etch with Etch Cream. View the directions and How To Videos. (NOTE: When washing off Etch Cream, only allow water to run AWAY from picture frame portion of glass. Avoid getting water where photo will go!)
  3. Dry glass & apply Rub N Buff to all etched areas of glass with a cotton swab, using a swirling motion, filling in the etchings.
  4. Allow metallic wax to set a few minutes, then remove excess wax with soft paper towel and discard. Using a clean towel, buff etchings until a soft luster appears and any wax stuck where it does not belong is removed. Sometimes you have to repeat this process a second time if wax did not adhere well to the etching the first time. Allow metallic wax to dry at least 1 hour.
  5. Glue Rhinestones where desired. We glued one each on the three hubcaps and one on the center of the steering wheel.
  6. Rub N Buff will dissolve with glass cleaner, so only clean frame with a soft cloth dampened with water.
  7. Insert your photo to complete your project.



Article Posted: 02/14/2018 11:37:26 AM

Fathers Day Beveled Glass Plaque
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