Wedding Drop Diamond Wedding Drop Diamond Wedding Drop Diamond
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Wedding Drop Diamond

Wedding Drop Diamond

Best wishes for the bride and groom sparkle and shine on this drop diamond glass shape. Beautiful wedding day designs are a bouquet toss away with the Happily Ever After Over N Over Glass Etching Stencils and our Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream. Sparkling Happily Ever After Drop Diamonds make brilliant additions to the wedding tablescapes, wedding and anniversary party favors or bottle hangers for champagne and wine. Mix and match all 20 of the wedding themed stencils in the sheet for an endless array of down the aisle designs.


  • 15-0200 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • 21-1650 Over N Over Stencil- HAPPILY EVER AFTER
  • 29-2618 Bevel Drop Diamond Shape
  • Diamond Dust Glitter Spray (Optional)

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. After preparing the glass, place the Happily Ever After stencil across the widest part of the diamond.
  2. Center the man and woman stencil above the words and the rings bellow the words. Place the hearts on either side of the rings.
  3. Follow the etching cream directions to etch the design onto the glass.
  4. (Optional) Turn the diamond over. Follow the glitter spray instructions to spray a light dusting onto the back of the glass.

Article Posted: 03/03/2022 02:19:54 PM

Wedding Drop Diamond
Wedding Drop Diamond
Wedding Drop Diamond
Wedding Drop Diamond

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29-2618 - Thin Bevel Drop Diamond
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21-1650 - Happily Ever After
Part#: 21-1650
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15-0200 - 10 oz Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
Part#: 15-0200
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