Black Cat Parfait Black Cat Parfait All Hail the Midnight Mouser! This snazzy, earring wearing, ninja cat parfait glass can be part of your feline home collection with the help of our Over N Over Goofy Faces Glass Etching Stencil and some Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream! With 5 other
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Black Cat Parfait

Black Cat Parfait

All Hail the Midnight Mouser! This snazzy, earring wearing, ninja cat parfait glass can be part of your feline home collection. This parfait glass is purrfect for party tablescapes or as a unique gift for your favorite cat lover. With 5 other funny faces to choose from on the Goofy Faces Over N Over Glass Etching Stencil Sheet, the fun doesn't have to stop with our feline friend. A wink, a smile, a surprise or a made in the shade face with sunglasses can create a whole cast of characters.


  • #15-0200 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • #21-1646 Over N Over stencil- GOOFY FACES
  • #61-3399 Ears for Glasses with Glue
  • Parfait Glass
  • Jewelry Jump Rings
  • Nail File
  • Small, Triangular Beads or Felt Pieces for Ears
  • Piece of Ribbon for the Belt
  • 3 Flat Mouse Shapes, 2 small and 1 larger
  • Small Heart Shaped Charm

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. After preparing the glass, place the cat face stencil onto the glass near the top by the rim and follow the etching cream instructions to etch the cat face onto the glass.
  2. Cut one of the rings in half with a pair of scissors and file the cut edges with the nail file. After cleaning the glass, use the glue included with the Ears for Glasses and attach 1 half ring to the glass on each side of the face. It may take a minute or two for the glue to harden enough for you to let go when attaching and several hours to harden completely.
  3. While the glue on the earrings is setting, make the belt. Cut a piece of the ribbon just long enough to wrap around the glass where you want it and tie a bow. When tying the cut ribbon into position, just before making the loops for the bow, put one end of the ribbon through the charm hoop and slide it down to the glass. Finish the bow by tying the loops together and then trim any excess ribbon.
  4. Secure the larger of the flat mice to the base of the parfait glass with a thin layer of glue along the bottom of the mouse where it is to be attached to the glass. Press the mouse down firmly and hole until the glue is set enough that you can let go without it falling over.
  5. Once the glue has completely set on the ear loops you can finish the ears. Attach open jump rings to the back of the small mice by turning them over and gluing the rings to the back so the open end of the ring is sticking up above the top of the mouse shape.
  6. Glue the triangle shaped beads or black felt triangles to the glass in front of the top of the ear loop. You don't want to block too much of the ear loop with the ear as the earring will need space to be hung.
  7. Once the glue on the open rings on the small cats has set completely, hook them onto the ear loops on each side of the glass and close the rings.

Article Posted: 11/29/2018 04:00:23 PM

Black Cat Parfait

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