We Love Grandpa Frame We Love Grandpa Frame This thoughtful and charming picture frame, with childrens' drawings etched into the glass, would make a wonderful gift to a grandparent.
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We Love Grandpa Frame

We Love Grandpa Frame



  • #15-0200Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • #21-1607 Over N Over Stencil-UPPERCASE LETTERS
  • #21-1608 Over N Over Stencil-LOWERCASE LETTERS
  • Children's Drawings Stencil-DISCONTINUED
  • Picture Frame

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. Remove and clean the glass from the frame. Place the glass over the intended picture and mark the area not to be etched. Turn the glass over and place the words and image stencils in the area around the picture space. See the lettering tutorial if necessary.
  2. Follow the etching cream instructions to etch the words and images onto the glass. Return the glass to the frame and add the picture.

Article Posted: 02/28/2017 02:09:20 PM

We Love Grandpa Frame

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21-1608 - Lowercase Alphabet
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21-1607 - Uppercase Alphabet
Part#: 21-1607
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15-0200 - 10 oz Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
Part#: 15-0200
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