Happily Ever After Tealight Happily Ever After Tealight A fantasy come true! The perfect centerpiece for a Fairytale wedding
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Happily Ever After Tealight

Happily Ever After Tealight

Fairy tales are made of towering castles, twinkling stars, princes and princesses, pixies and happily ever afters. Etch this fairytale candle holder for your next wedding, party, home decor or as a gift. Its magical!


    #15-0200 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream.

    #21-1676 Over N Over stencil-FairyTales

    #21-1676 Over N Over stencil-Happily Ever After

    #08-9606 Brushes.

    #08-9999 Gloves.

    #85-9415 Art Knife

    #08-9415 Masking tape.



    Paper towels.

    Glass cylinder candleholder


    1. Wash the glass in hot, soapy dish water or clean with basic, quality glass cleaner. Dry well before applying stencils

    2. Place the castle stencil in the center of the cylinder (see picture for placement). Apply the Happily Ever After stencil directly below it, overlapping edges top to bottom.

    3. Over the upper right of the castle, place the pixie stencil and overlap a cluster of stars above her.

    4. To the left of the pixie, create a box from overlapping layers of masking tape, rub the layers down firmly. (This is an optional design). Lay the wand stencil on top of the tape box with the star from the wand in the center. Trace the star with a pencil. Remove the stencil and cut it out with the art knife. Take the ruler and draw lines radiating out from the star with a pencil but do not touch the star itself. Cut out the lines with the knife. Widen the lines until they resemble the ones in the picture. Pull out the pieces of tape. When you have cut them all, gently rub over the openings with a paper towel to press the edges back down and remove any masking tape adhesive on the glass.

    5 .Surround all the stencils with masking tape, overlapping all edges, cover entire side of the cylinder

    4. Put on the rubber gloves. Load the brush with Armour Glass Etching cream. PAT the etch cream onto the stencils (do not brush it on) until each is thoroughly covered with a 1/4 inch of cream. View the directions and How To Videos HERE.

    5. Leave cream on for 5 minutes

    6. Holding cylinder upside down so no water or cream gets inside, rinse off all of the etching cream under running water. Remove stencils and rinse again. Pat the stencils dry and return them to the carrier sheet.


    For added sparkle, glue on some star shaped or round rhinestones near the etched stars



    Article Posted: 09/29/2019 11:15:32 PM

Happily Ever After Tealight
Happily Ever After Tealight
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