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Etching Colored Glass

Etching Colored Glass

Etching on colored glass can yield stunning results, however, not all colored glass can be etched.

There are two types of colored glass, true colored glass and color treated glass. For glass etching, you want true colored glass. This glass has pigmentation in the glass itself and will be colored all the way through the glass. For true colored glass, the molten glass underwent a pigmentation process before the piece was molded.

Color treated glass has been topically colored by stains, paints, inks, sealants, coatings or films. These pigmentation applications create a barrier between the cream and the glass preventing the necessary chemical reaction for etching. In some cases, the cream will dissolve the topical color veneer and might etch some of the glass, but the results are varied and generally unattractive. This type of colored glass responds better to sand etching, however, removing the tape or stencil can cause the coating to chip or peel.

It can be difficult to tell if a piece is true colored glass or not. Generally, true colored glass has even pigmentation and good color saturation. Color treated glass tends to be cheaper. There will be uneven areas of color and the bottoms or bases will be clear when lifted up to the light. Color on these glasses can have bubbles in the color and can sometimes be scratched off with a fingernail. Always test the glass before beginning a project on colored glass.

Article Posted: 04/18/2018 12:36:23 PM

Etching Colored Glass
Etching Colored Glass
Etching Colored Glass

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