Wedding Invitation Wedding Invitation Here is a unique take on a wedding invitation
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Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Today it is easy to make your own wedding invitations. We thought we would inspire you with our unique take on a wedding must have.

Although the stencil used for this simply elegant invitation is no longer available, we left this project on EtchTalk so you can still be inspired by the design. Below we have listed our recommend substitute stencil designs that would work equally as well as this one.


  • #15-0150 Armour Glass Etching Cream
  • #28-6520 Oval Mirror 2x3 inches
  • #21-1650 Over N Over stencil-Happily Ever After
  • #08-9415 Masking Tape
  • #08-9606 Brushes
  • #15-0315 Glass cleaner
  • #08-9777 Scissors
  • Moire Wedding Invitation-5 x 7 inches or heavy cardstock card
  • Ivory satin ribbon-24 inches long x 1 inch wide
  • Gold braid-18 inches
  • Scalloped ivory card stock oval 2.5 x 3.5 inch
  • Hot glue gun

    1. Directions:
      1. Clean the mirror with glass cleaner. Apply the stencil design of your choice from the stencil sheet
      2. For more info View the directions and How To Videos here.
      3. Cover all exposed areas of the mirror with masking tape, overlapping all edges.
      4. PAT the Armour glass Etching cream on the stencil. Wait 5 minutes.
      5. Rinse off all of the etch cream under running water.Remove the stencil and rinse mirror again. Pat stencil dry on paper towels and return to carrier sheet.

      6. Assemble the invitation:
      7. Hot glue mirror to the scalloped oval cardstock. Allow the hot glue to cool slightly before making contact with the cardstock to prevent warping.
      8. Run a bead of hot glue around the outside edge of the mirror. Press gold braid into glue, trim off excess. Let dry.
      9. Cut an piece of the satin ribbon and wrap around the right side of invitation, starting and ending on the face of the card. The ends of the ribbon will be hidden by the mirror once it has been applied to the card front.
      10. Cut two pieces of ribbon for tails and glue in an upside down V pattern to the lower back side of the mirror
      11. Glue mirror slightly above center on the satin ribbon band. The tails will be sticking out the bottom. Press down until dry.
      12. Cut off ends of ribbon at an upward angle.
      13. Make a small bow from the remaining gold braid. Glue the bow to the bottom of the mirror.



      Article Posted: 10/02/2017 01:00:52 PM

    Wedding Invitation
    Wedding Invitation
    Wedding Invitation
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