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Wedding Favor Bookmark

Wedding Favor Bookmark

Did you ever need a quick thank you gift, but didn't want to spend a lot of money? Or maybe you just wanted to share a little something handmade with someone who did something nice for you? I made this pretty little bookmark using some of my scrap-booking scraps. It was quick, easy and I personalized it with a mirrored monogram I made with a re-usable glass etching stencil and the Armour Glass Etching Cream. Great idea for someone who loves books,? or for someone who uses cookbooks, or as a reward to a child for reading a book. Great? idea for stocking-stuffers too!


Directions for Etching the mirror:

  1. Select a monogram letter from the stencil sheet and gently remove from the backer sheet.
  2. Apply to the clean mirror.
  3. Cover any exposed area of the mirror with masking tape
  4. Apply Armour glass Etching cream to the stencil. Please read instructions that come with your stencil. View the directions and How To Videos.
  5. Wait 5 minutes, wash off etch cream with running water, pat dry
  6. Remove the stencil
  7. Clean mirror with glass cleaner
  8. Set mirror aside

Assembling the Bookmark:

  1. Fold the 3/8" ribbon in half but do not crease.
  2. Glue ribbon lengthwise to face of metallic card stock, leaving a 3' long loop at the top and tails hanging off bottom
  3. Glue white embossed card stock on top of ribbon and metallic card stock
  4. Glue mirror to card stock scalloped oval and glue them to the center of the bookmark
  5. Run a bead of glue around outside edge of mirror and apply braid to glue. Let dry
  6. With Hot Fix Wand, apply a pink rhinestone to the lower left side of the mirror, surround with 5 more clear rhinestones to form a flower.
  7. Glue bow to bottom of bookmark, snip ribbon tails at an angle



Article Posted: 05/16/2013 07:41:51 AM

Wedding Favor Bookmark
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