Tissue Box Cover Tissue Box Cover Make a tissue box cover look elegant with a monogrammed mirror
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Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Box Cover

Make a tissue box cover look elegant with a monogrammed mirror

We took a paper mache tissue box cover, covered it in fabric, mounted an etched oval mirror on it and trimmed it with braided trim. What a beautiful way to keep a box of tissues!

Please Note: The font shown in the picture is no longer available, but we thought it was such a nice project we wanted to keep it here, so we have given you 2 other fonts that will work equally as well


#15-0150 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream.

#21-1621 Over N Over stencil- Script Monogram (1 inch)


#21-1626 Over N Over stencil- Old English (1 inch)

#28-6521 Oval Mirror 3x4

#08-9606 Brushes

#08-9999 Gloves.

#08-9415 Masking tape.

#15-0315 Glass cleaner

Soft paper towels.

Fabric covered paper mache, wood, chipboard or cross stitch tissue box cover

Grosgrain ribbon

1 yd of Gimp or french braided trim

Oval scalloped edged cardstock slightly larger than the mirror

Hot glue gun

Paper towels


1. Clean the mirror of fingerprints using glass cleaner and soft paper towels

2. Apply the monogram letters of your choice to the mirror (if you are etching 3 letters stagger them in an interesting way)

3.Cover all the glass around the stencils with masking tape, overlapping all edges. Cover the entire face of the mirror

4. Put on the rubber gloves. Load the brush with Armour Glass Etching cream. PAT the etch cream onto the stencils (do not brush it on). Cover each one with a 1/4 inch layer of cream. View the directions and How To Videos HERE.

5. Leave cream on for 5 minutes

6. Rinse off all the etch cream. Remove the stencils and masking tape and rinse again. Pat the stencils dry and return to the carrier sheet. Dry off the mirror with paper towels.

7. Mount the scalloped oval cardstock onto the back of the mirror using a hotglue gun. Starting at the center bottom, hot glue some braided trim around the edge of the mirror, half on the mirror half on the cardstock. Cover over where the ends meet with a small bow. Glue the the mirror assembly onto the covered box cover



Article Posted: 02/21/2018 03:25:43 PM

Tissue Box Cover
Tissue Box Cover
Tissue Box Cover
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