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Bling the Base

Bling the Base

When dressing up the drinks, don’t forget the footwear! You put so much into carefully crafting the top half of the stemware, consider giving a little zhuzh to the bottom as well by adding a complementary design flourish.

Etching a small design or monogram letter to the foot of a wine glass is an easy way to make a big impact with a little touch. Design features to the base can be done at the same time as the rest of the glass without the need for additional steps to the project.

Choose any stencil that works with the theme of your overall design. They don’t need to fit perfectly. In fact, partial design elements from larger stencils can be quite alluring.

Etched designs are permanent and can be varied from glass to glass making them much easier and cleaner than wine charms. For gift glasses, a monogram of the surname or individual first names in the family add a sophisticated level of personalization.

Base designs aren’t just for wine glasses. Any glass item that has a flat bottomed base can have a design feature added to it if there is room. Certain pilsner glasses, vases and other pedestal style glass items have bottoms that could accommodate etched designs.

Article Posted: 03/28/2022 12:05:48 PM

Bling the Base
Bling the Base
Bling the Base

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