Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase Etch an interesting vase for your Thanksgiving table. Fill with fall foliage and amaze your guests with a table setting created by you!
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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase

Add charm to your Thanksgiving with etched serving and home decor pieces from the Give Thanks Over N Over stencil collection. There are enough different Thanksgiving motifs that no two pieces will look alike unless you want them too. Etch dinnerware, serving pieces and glasses for a very special holiday table.

Please note: These projects were etched with the Made to Order stencils which have been discontinued. However, the Over N Over Give Thanks stencil sheet has similar motifs, so we left these projects available to inspire you.


  • 12-7032 Designer Stencil-SCRIPT
  • 15-0200 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • Square Sided Vase

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. Clean the glass with glass cleaner and paper towels.
  2. Depending on your skill level, decide what words you want on your jar. The example has Happy Thanksgiving in a half circle (skill level: experienced). To apply the letters in this manner, tape a paper circle to the glass as a guide. Rub down the letters along the upper edge of the paper guide, following the arch, but do not apply the stencils onto the edge of the paper. If your skill level is a beginner or intermediate level, you can place the letters straight across, one word over the other or use the Thanks pre-made stencil from the stencil sheet. Make sure you overlap the edges of the letters side by side. Fill any gaps with overlapping masking tape.
  3. Apply the pumpkin stencil or one of the other designs from the stencil sheet under your lettering.
  4. Cover all exposed areas of the jar with masking tape to at least 3 inches out from side to side. You must fill in any spaces between the lettering with overlapping masking tape too. Any gaps will end up etched.
  5. Put the gloves on. PAT the etch cream on the stencils with the brush (do not brush like you are painting) . Start with the pumpkin (Over N Over stencils) first, and then the lettering (Rub N Etch if you are using them) last.
  6. Leave etch cream on for 2 minutes. Rinse under very warm running water until clear. Rub N stencils should start falling off or melting away. Remove all stencils and tape and rinse again. Pat any Over N Over stencils dry and return to carrier sheet.

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase
Thanksgiving Centerpiece Vase
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