St Patties Day Beer Mug St Patties Day Beer Mug By etching these shamrock designs, and coloring them with Glass Effects, you'll make the perfect St. Patties-themed decorative mug!
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St Patties Day Beer Mug

St Patties Day Beer Mug

Materials: Instructions:
  1. Trace a cluster of shamrocks using either a stencil, clipart image or freehand your own design onto Contact Vinyl.
  2. Cut out design and transfer vinyl design onto mug.
  3. Etch with either the Etch cream or by Sand Etching following package instructions. View the directions and How To Videos.
  4. Rinse & dry.
  5. To create green Gel Glass Effect shamrocks, either freehand paint them around the etched shamrocks or trace shamrocks onto glass from the clipart or stencil designs you used previously, using the green marker again 6-Fill in traced shamrocks with green gel.
  6. Over the top of the shamrocks in a slightly arched fashion, paint the words ??Ǩ?Erin go Braugh."



Article Posted: 02/12/2016 11:54:22 AM

St Patties Day Beer Mug
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