Ring Bearer Pillow Ring Bearer Pillow Personalize a ring bearer pillow with an etched mirror.
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Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer Pillow

Personalize a ring bearer pillow with an etched mirror.


#15-0200 Armour Glass Etching Cream

#21-1650 Over N Over stencil- Happily Ever After

#21-1623 Over N Over stencil- Wedding Font Numbers

#28-6523 Oval Mirror 4x5.5 inches

#08-9606 Brushes

#08-9999 Gloves

#08-9415 Masking Tape

#15-0315 Glass cleaner

#08-9777 Scissors

Ring bearer pillow

Wide satin ribbon long enough to wrap completely around pillow

24 inches white satin and ruffled lace trim

18 inches White feather edged 3/16 inch ribbon

White organza rose w/ rhinestone center

Roll of white strand pearls

5 small rhinestones

Glue gun


1. Clean the mirror with glass cleaner

2. Apply the stencils to the mirror. (see picture for reference )

3. Cover all exposed areas of the mirror surrounding the stencils with overlapping layers of masking tape.

4. Pat a 1/4 inch thick layer Armour glass Etching cream on the stencils. Do not brush the cream on like you are painting, every brushstroke will show and be amplified by the reflection of the mirror.

View the directions and How To Videos here.

5. Wait 5 minutes.

6. Rinse the etch cream off under running water. Remove the stencils and tape and rinse again. Pat stencils dry on paper towels and return to the carrier sheet. Dry mirror well

7. Turn the mirror over to the backside. Apply a bead of hot glue around the edge of the mirror one section at a time and immediately push the satin and lace ruffled trim( face side down) into the glue. Overlap the edges where they meet and trim if needed. Turn the mirror over and apply a strand of pearls around the edge of the mirror (in the ditch) starting at the bottom center where the bow will cover the ends.

8. Remove the carrying strap on the backside of the pillow if there is one. Measure the wide satin ribbon so it fits comfortably around the entire middle of the pillow. It should not be too loose or too tight. There should only be enough room to slip the ring bearers hand (which is usually a small child) comfortably under the ribbon. Cut off the remainder. Scrunch up one end of the ribbon and hot glue to the middle of the front (it will be covered by the mirror) Bunch up the other end and glue it next to the end of the first. The pillow should now have a nice, snug, firmly attached, ribbon band around it.

9. Hot glue the mirror to the center of the pillow.

10. Make a bow with the ribbon and glue to the center bottom of the mirror where the ends of the pearls meet. Glue an organza rose in the middle of the bow.



Article Posted: 09/29/2019 11:08:13 PM

Ring Bearer Pillow
Ring Bearer Pillow
Ring Bearer Pillow
Ring Bearer Pillow
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