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Chalk Couture® Stencils

Chalk Couture® Stencils

  1. Clean the glass/mirror thoroughly.
  2. Cut out the selected design by cutting along the solid white line.
  3. Bend a corner of the stencil to separate the green stencils from the white backing sheet. Set aside this white backing for further use.
  4. Place the stencil into the desired position on the clean glass.
  5. With the white backing sheet, smooth down the stencil so all sections of the stencil image are securely adhered to the glass with no wrinkles or gaps.
  6. Overlap the sides of the stencil with masking tape and rub down again with the white backing sheet.
  7. Tape over any & all exposed glass that could come in contact with the rinse water as well.
  8. Using the supplied brush, gently brush in a very thin layer of Armour Etch cream into the mesh stencil area just as a primer. Gently work in the etch into all open areas of the stencil. Remove any visible lumps or crystals and put them back into the bottle.
  9. Apply a thick layer of Armour Etch cream over the thin primer layer.
  10. Wait 3 to 5 minutes. You can gently move the cream around on top of the stencil to refresh the Armour Etch cream touching the glass. Digging too deep with the brush will damage the stencil.
  11. Using room temperature water and a gentle water flow, clean off the etching cream. with the brush. GENTLE is important to protect the detail of the stencil.
  12. The stencil Must remain on the glass until ALL the cream has been cleaned off.
  13. Remove the tape and stencil from the glass.
  14. Rinse the stencil again and hang to drip dry before returning it to the white backing Sheet for future use.

Article Posted: 01/04/2020 10:55:18 AM

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