Etchworld Snowball Family Etchworld Snowball Family We created a whimsical project that is just for Christmas using our great staff as inspiration for the glass ball ornaments.
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Etchworld Snowball Family

Etchworld Snowball Family

Happy Holidays from the staff at Etchworld !

From: Sydney- Terry- Michael-Susan- Holly- Daniel- Jimmy

Thank you for a great year and we look forward to an even more creative and inspirational year ahead!

  • #15-0150 Armour Glass Etch Cream
  • #29-2532 70mm Clear glass balls
  • #08-9777 Scissors
  • #15-0315 Glass cleaner
  • #61-3351 Glitter It! -Summer colors (optional)
  • #61-3340 Dazzle Tac Glue
  • Paper towels
  • Paper coated plate, plastic plate or paint palate
  • Air-dry enamel paints for glass, tile, and ceramics-white
  • Acrylic paints in medium blue, pink, carrot orange, soft brown, black
  • Paintbrushes:small & med round, liner, small detail brush
  • Small stencil sponge, pouncer or Q-Tip
  • Clear acrylic spray gloss sealer
  • Old hand or dish towel

Accessories-pipe cleaners, pompoms, felt snowman hats, knitted hats, icicles, holly vine, holly leaves, satin pointsettias, mini snowflakes, etc

Large paper clips or ornament hangers-1 for each ball

Ornament stand, earring stand or place to hang balls to dry without touching


  1. Clean ball with Glass Cleaner and dry completely
  2. Paint entire ball with white air-dry enamel (optional- instead of painting balls coat the inside with white Glitter It! Following package direction on glue bottle).? Hang balls to dry on ornament stand, earring stand or place where they can hang without touching each other. You may have to put 2 coats of paint on the balls to make them sufficiently opaque on the outside if you are painting them.
  3. Make a nest with a hand or clean dish towel, for cradling the ball in while you paint on it.
  4. Visually divide the ball in half horizontally (I'll call the horizon line). This will help with where to place the parts of the face.
  5. Place a tiny dab of pink or lt blue paint on the plastic paint. Dab the stencil pouncer in the paint and pounce on paper towel until almost all the paint is gone. Lightly pounce 2 small circles on the horizon line for cheeks, leaving a small space open between them for the base of the carrot nose. Pounce some of the same color around the cap at the top of the ornament ball.
  6. Paint the carrot nose in between the cheeks using a liner brush. Outline carrot with soft brown, add a couple of vertical ripple lines, using the small detail brush
  7. Paint 2 full circles about 3/8" across, place them side by side and just above the nose for eyeballs, using medium blue and a medium round brush
  8. Take your medium round brush and paint in the pupils with black, leaving some of the blue showing. To create different expressions, refer to the picture for positioning.
  9. Dip a liner brush in black. Paint an oval around eyeballs. Add eyebrows, eyelashes (w/detail brush), a mouth and some brackets( O? O ) or (( O O )) to the outsides of the eyes and mouth to make face more expressive, single lines for a happy expression, double for surprised, down toward or under eyes for confused or sad.
  10. With a small liner brush, add a dot of white to highlight each eye. Place the dot on the opposite side of where the eye is looking.? ie: if the snowman is looking to the right, the dot goes to the LEFT side of the eyeball.
  11. Spray ball with gloss sealer and hang until dry. Add a tiny dusting of pink or blue glitter on cheeks, or white around outside edge of face, while sealer is wet if desired

There are many ways you can dress your snowmen if you would like:

  1. Earmuffs- a piece of pipe cleaner & 2 pompoms
  2. Hats- Knitted ski or stocking hat, felt bowler, top hat, pompom
  3. Wreaths or crowns
  4. Hair- made of mini strung icicles, pompoms, sequins or beads



Article Posted: 05/03/2019 10:42:59 AM

Etchworld Snowball Family
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