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Etching in Stages

Etching in Stages

Etching in Stages is a technique that enables stencil images to be placed in closer proximity than the stencil borders would otherwise permit. It is also used to facilitate the use of a particular stencil image multiple times on the same project when you don't have enough to etch all simultaneously. Simply put, different design elements are added to the glass in succession to complete the project.

During the planning and layout stages of a project, check for the stencil conflicts of proximity and frequency. To achieve the desired finished design, it is important to ensure proper placement of images and the availability of enough images. Map out the stencils, borders and all, on the glass. The stencils can remain on the backing sheet while you do this, just maneuver the sheet under or over the glass. If there is any issue, the design should be etched in stages.

Begin by positioning the most important, largest, or the focal point stencil(s) onto the glass. Etch these first.

After etching, thoroughly wipe down the glass with glass cleaner to remove any tape and stencil residue. Now, the additional design elements can be added being careful not to overlap new stencils images over those already on the glass. Looking through the back of the glass for rounded items while adding new images or using the hover and press method with flat ones, will help to avoid overlap. Etch these remaining items onto the glass.

Continue the process of adding and etching stencil images to the glass until the desired look is achieved. Remember to thoroughly clean the glass and stencils after every etching.

Article Posted: 10/27/2022 09:50:54 AM

Etching in Stages
Etching in Stages
Etching in Stages
Etching in Stages

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