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What Stencils Are

Rub 'N' Etch Stencils:
These stencils are highly detailed One time use stencils that are rubbed down ONLY. To be used with Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream Only.

Peel 'N' Etch Stencils:
These Stencils are die-cut 4mil vinyl stencils with moderate detail, that can be used with Armour Etch or Sand Blasted. You can either use a positive or negative image depending on which stencil pieces are removed. Negative artwork should only be used when sandblasting.

Sand Etch Mylar Stencils:
These reusable stencils are laser cut mylar with moderate detail and can be used ONLY with Sand Etch System or Sandblasting equipment for glass etching applications. Just tape them to the glass surface and begin to etch. In some cases you may need to use a spray adhesive when etching on round surfaces.

Over 'N' Over Stencils:
The latest edition to our stencil lines. These are stencils that contain a moderate amount of detail and can be used with Armour Etch or Sand Etch System. This self-adhesive stencil line is re-usable up to 20 times. Just wash the stencil off, pat dry and return stencil to the carrier sheet for use again later!