Floating Candle Centerpiece Floating Candle Centerpiece ARMOUR ND 11" Glass candle holder. 60-3861 60-3861 5.99 Etchworld.com
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Floating Candle Centerpiece

Floating Candle Centerpiece
Floating Candle Centerpiece
Style #:60-3861
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To be used with Sand Etch or Diamond Engraving tools, if you are going to decorate it

11" Glass candle holder with non tarnish metal swirl base. Comes with white flower and white candle.

This beautiful accessory will make a statement everyday or for special occasions.

Chosen by decorators for their value and style, this accent piece is also functional.

Fill stem with water, add 7" to 8" taper candle. As the lighted candle burns down, the water buoys candle up so flame is always at the same height

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