Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering Tip #3- Achieving Straight Lettering
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Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering

Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering

When working with stencils on curved glass or achieving straight lettering, it can be challenging. Without marking a center line to use it as a guide, or using a straight edge when placing lettering, it can make it harder to position stencils. We have plenty of tips, techniques, and video tutorials to help you with the process.

You’re going to need glass, a dry erase marker, and masking tape for this method. This is the main method we recommend because it is most effective. There are photos on the right side to walk you through this process.

  1. Prepare the glass by cleaning it thoroughly, then, grab masking tape and place it vertically straight. Grab a dry erase marker and mark two points. The top point is to keep the the bottom point straight and parallel, and it will help us in future steps. Also, be sure to make a small marking on the masking tape.
  2. Take the same masking tape and place it on the other side of the glass, or where you want the word to end. Line up the top dot with the top of the glass vertically. Now, make a marking on the glass where the lower dot is. If the word is long, then you may have to repeat the process more than once to make sure you have sufficient guidance
  3. Now, connect he lower dots with masking tape horizontally; then, wipe off dry erase marker.
  4. Using masking tape as guidance, spell out the words, and ta-da! it should be straight with the top of the glass.

If you have a cutting/measuring pad or a ruler, you may use that for measurements as well. You can measure the glass and point placement instead of masking tape> Follow the steps from above as well, just measure out the points.

A simpler way, but yields more mistakes, is to use masking tape. Lay it flush again the top, straight portion of the glass, and gradually drag it down. Place the tape on the glass, and positions the stencils around the tape. Take your time to ensure straightness. Although this is the simplest method, it can cause the most mistakes because it doesn't require measurements. Take your time and constantly check to see if the masking tape is centered.It is also good to do this method then check it with measurements.

But if you're measuring with a cutting pad, or a ruler, what are you measuring for? We will tell you! Place the ruler vertically on the glass. Make a dot where you want the word to start. Measure vertically to see how many centimeters or inches down it is from the top of the glass. Then, using the vertical measurement, mark the end of the word with the same height measurement. For example, if you want the word 2 inches down from he top, drag the ruler to the end of where you want the word. Measure 2 inches down and place a dot. After all measuring is complete, place masking tape on the glass, connecting the dots and you should have straight masking tape as a guide for letter alignment.

If you’re looking a quick, and effective method without using a ruler and measurements, but is more effected then eye-balling or estimating where the center is, we have the notebook method. First, tape a piece of lined notebook paper behind the glass. If the lines are hard to see, darken them with a marker using a ruler. Line up the top edges of the paper with the top edge of the glass. Using a steady hand, gradually drag the lined paper down the glass, keeping it centered with the top pf the glass. When you reached the desired location, tape it down with lined paper. Now, position the letter stencils on the outside of the glass, using the lined paper on the opposite side of the glass as a guide.

Article Posted: 01/18/2022 11:04:04 PM

Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering
Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering
Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering
Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering
Tip #3: Achieving Straight Lettering

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