Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents The Bottle and Jar cutter can turn trash into treasure. Beautify your cut pieces with one of the ideas on our list of decorative tips
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Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents

Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents

The Bottle and Jar cutter can turn trash into treasure. You can craft functional pieces like lamps, vases, food or drink pieces and candle holders, or create something more whimsical or entertaining like wind chimes, ornaments, terrariums or home decor pieces.

Now that you have cut your pieces, what can you decorate them with? Below is a list of things we found that will give your cut pieces beauty, style, charm, and functionality, so let us get started!

#77-7721 Bottle and Jar Cutter

#08-9999 Gloves.

#08-9415 Masking tape.

#61-3501 Tweezers

#15-0315 Glass Cleaner.

Soft paper towels.

Scrap of tin foil or small plastic tray for gluing


Click the link  HERE for additional craft supplies, adhesives and embellishments not already linked on this page from the "Craft Supplies" page of the www.etchworld.com website

NOTE: See the Bottle and Jar cutter section for specific projects that were decorated with some of the ideas below.

  • Glass Etch your bottle: Stencil designs on your bottles and jars with Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • Frost it: Dip your cut piece in Armour Etch Bath to give a soft frosted finish to votives, tealights and other decorative pieces. They give a nice glow when lit from inside.
  • Spray finishes: Spray paints come is so many new styles. Try adding a mirrored, iridescent, pearl or sea glass finish for a translucent effect.There also stone finishes, decor paints, Terra Cotta paints, crackle mediums, marbling effects, chalk paints, glass enamels, colored stains, stained glass, antiquing mediums and glitter sprays. You can find these finishes in the specialty paint section of your local craft and home supply stores
  • Metallic or opaque white finish- Rub N Buff sticks to any porous or frosted surface. Use it over frostings, poly clay, wine corks, wood and plastic. #61-3329 (See Tip-Metallic Gilding with Rub n Buff for application instructions)
  • Color tinting- Frost your cut clear glass piece with Etch Bath first, then color the frosting with Pinata Tints #61-4500, pigment stamp ink, or RIT dye (test these methods on scrap glass first so you get the right effect you want. These products will stain the frosting and may not get fully removed if you do not like it) (SEE: Tips for coloring your Etching)
  • Glitter: Add sparkle and glam with glitter or glass beads. Create an edge or trim, add a design, or coat the inside.
  • Ceramic and Glass Markers or pens: Draw, write or color the glass with pretty glass markers instead of paint SEE: #86-7321 Marker Pens
  • Stained Glass look Add a vintage stained glass look to your pieces with liquid stained glass simulated leading and stains
  • Acrylic paints: Paint, stencil or sponge paints over your new creations. For more durability on shiny glass, use the acrylic paints designed for glass
  • Decoupage-Decorate your bottle with fancy tissue papers, decorated paper napkins, stickers, vellum, labels or scrapbooking papers. Laminate the paper on the bottle with decoupage glue.and decorate with fancy trims or embellishments
  • Rhinestones, cabochons, mirror tiles, metal scraps or accents and scrapbooking embellishments: Add pretty accents to your cut creations for beautiful ornaments, vases, candle holders, etc
  • Transparent Glass Tiles, Gems, Marbles, Sea Glass, Crushed Glass, and Jelly dots: These are great things to glue to the outside of pieces to be lighted. They refract light, highlight colors and make lovely patterns on the walls and ceilings. Use a strong adhesive like Dazzle-Tac Jewelry Glue #61-3340 or Jewelry n Metal glue #61-3516 (except for the jelly dots which are self adhesive)
  • Stones, Gravel, Mosses,Twigs and Vines: Glue natural materials from the floral department to your cut glass for an earthy, natural appeal
  • Ribbon, cords, laces and trims : Great way to use up all those little pieces of this or that in the sewing box and from the craft room. Use for edging, bows, accents and hangers.
  • Sea shells, driftwood, tumbled stones, sea glass and dried materials: These elements work well with cut pieces etched with our beach and ocean themed stencil designs.
  • Silk, paper or china plastic flowers Try using a single or small cluster of tiny flowers for a very charming and romantic accent.
  • Light it up! Create lamps, sconces, and candle holders using lamp kits, mini or fairy lights, real or battery candles or even glow sticks. You can also use string lights wrapped around the outside for a more whimsical effect.

  • Important Information:

    Always wear eye protection and safety gloves when cutting your bottles and jars. Wear non-latex gloves when working with Pinata tints, Rub n Buff, Etch Cream, Etch Bath, or other chemicals which may be absorbed by the skin. Wearing old clothes and a plastic apron is a good idea too. Cover all work surfaces you will be working near, such as table tops, sinks and floors. Keep paper towels, a wet sponge and glass cleaner handy to aid in clean ups. Pinata Clean Up solution is very helpful in cleaning up dye based tints and inks #61-4504. Squeeze out very small amounts of glues, paints, tints into a piece of tin foil or small plastic trays (we use soy sauce trays from sushi, blister pack plastics and plastic ketchup cups a lot). Glues are applied with a toothpick and decorations with tweezers.



    Article Posted: 05/17/2018 02:58:12 PM

    Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents
    Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents
    Tip - Bottle Cutting Accents
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