Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders
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Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders

Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders

Placing a frame in a design or creating a boarder can embellish your next project to perfection. Frames can add grace and elegance. Turn a simple project into something divinely elaborate. Boarders highlight the center piece. Enhance the content of the center with boarders to make it shine.

There are different methods to enhance your work with picture frames. Pinstripes, boarders, corner scrolls and flourishment, are all different techniques that will take your work to an astonishing level of beauty. Also, adding boarders and frames can take something small and petite, and transform it into something bold and larger. Here, we will explore different techniques that you can do at home to take your glass etching to the next level. Try out our easy-to-do techniques and you will be astonished with the outcome!

Basic Ways to Frame In A Stencil Design

  • Adding pinstripe around the edge of the glass to add character. This works best on large flat panes of glass cabinetry.
  • Place corner designs and connect them with a pinstripe.
  • Use script monogram letters in the middle of your glass, then, surround it with a boarder or bracket.
  • Use one of our boarder stencils, add then add a name or design above it.
  • Add corners around square glass items, such as coasters, and picture frames.

Suggested Materials:

  • Premade Materials: We offer a vast variety of pre-made boarder and corner stencils in our product lines. They’re available for purchase in our Over N’ Over boarders section of our website.
  • Pinstripe Tape: We have two styles of pinstripe tape available. #25-4000 comes with a wide stripe in the middle with a skinny stripe on either side #25-4100 comes with one wide stripe and one skinny stripe
  • Masking Tape: You can create your own stripes using masking tape. Masking tape is available in different widths. Lay the rows of tape down on the glass side by side without overlapping. This will help you maintain even spaced widths, then pull out the strips you wish to etch.
  • Contact Vinyl: Create your own boarders by cutting an edge and/or design on vinyl masking. Etch the spaces in between the two to get a frosted boarder with a decorative edge inside.

How To Precisely Apply Corner Stencils To Two Or More Sides

  • At times, it can be difficult to get corner stencils sharp and exactly even; but we have made a simple template to help with precise placement every time.
  • Using a marker and a piece of paper the same size as your glass, make two marks, one inside and another outside. For the outer mark, lay your piece of glass on the paper in a comfortable spot to line up the glass each time. Draw a dark line around one of the outer corners of the glass on that spot. This is where you will line up the glass each time.
  • Now lay your stencil on the paper where you would like it to be applied to the glass in relation to the corner mark. Draw around the outside of the stencil on the paper. Remove the stencil and lay your glass on the paper nestling the corner inside your outer mark. Apply your stencil to the glass lining up the edge along the marks you see through the glass on the paper. Turn the glass around to the next corner to be stenciled and line up in the same marks as the other corner. Apply your stencil to the glass on the marks as you did before.
  • If you are adding a boarder to the corner of a framed glass, be aware that you have to place your stencil away enough from the edge so that it doesn’t get hidden by the frame. To avoid this, use a felt tip magic marker (because it will wipe away easily) to mark the stencils on the glass.
  • T-squares, rulers, and using magic markers help make precise lines, making it easy to create stripes, corners, and boarders.
    • Be sure to use magic marker on the opposite of the glass so that the marker doesn’t interfere with the etching cream.

Some More Tips:

  • After you apply your stencil material, cover it with a piece of computer paper and rub down well with a burnisher, old credit card or letter folder. The paper will prevent accidentally tearing the vinyl pieces with the tool while burnishing it. Burnishing assures that all edges are firmly adhered to the glass.
  • Pat the etching cream onto the boarder—avoid painting the etching cream on the glass. Practicing on scrap glass, if possible, to master the etching technique.

Article Posted: 05/11/2018 12:29:29 PM

Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders
Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders
Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders
Tip - Creating Etched Frames and Borders
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