Best Teacher Mug Best Teacher Mug If you have children school, you willll love this idea.
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Best Teacher Mug

Best Teacher Mug

If you have children school, you will love this idea. Every year, when summer approaches and classes will be ending for the year, we really want to show our appreciation to those who taught our kids all season long. Finding something special, but not too expensive, can be a real challenge.

You can buy really nice looking clear glass beer and coffee mugs at any department or discount store. They sell them individually or in boxed sets of 4 or 6.

This year, put a special messages on them and give them to each of the World's Best Teacher's in your child's life!


Materials Needed:

  • #15-0150 Armour Etch Cream 
  • #21-1617 Over N Over Wedding Font Alphabet
  • #21-1632  Over N Over Mother/Father
  • #21-1624 Over N Over Party Elements
  • #21-1600 Over N Over Blank stencil material ( or #31-0401 Beige vinyl masking)
  • #15-0315 Glass cleaner
  • #08-9606 Brushes
  • #08-9415 Masking tape
  • #61-3329 Rub N Buff gold, silver or white (optional)
  • Clear glass beer mug
  • 1 Apple vinyl stencil-either traced from a template, cut on a die cutting machine or with a craft punch
  • Paper towels

General Directions:

  1. Wash the mug with hot, soapy dish detergent, rinse & dry well. Next clean area where stencils will go with glass cleaner just before applying them.
  2. Apply the World's Best from sheet #21-1632 at an angle near the top of the mug and to the left of where you will be placing the rest of the stencils (see pic). From stencil sheet 21-1624, place a star pair near each end of the world's best stencil, one over the left end, the other below the right end. Overlap edges of the star stencils with the world's best stencil.
  3. Center and apply the apple stencil below the world's best stencil
  4. Below the apple, apply letters to spell TEACHER from the 21-1617 Wedding font sheet. Start with the letter C, directly under the apple and apply the rest of the letters HER to the right A, then E, then T to the left. Overlap the stencil edges as you go.
  5. Cover all open areas of the glass with masking tape, overlapping the edges of tape and stencils.

6.     Apply Armour Etch glass etching cream to the stencils. View the directions and How To  video HERE. Wait 5 minutes.

  1. Holding the mug upside down (so no water can go inside during rinsing), rinse off all the Etch cream. Remove tape and stencils and rinse again.
  2.  From stencil sheet 21-1624, place one more star pair to the left of the apple. Repeat steps 5-7. This step can be included with step 3 if you have a 2nd #21-1624 stencil sheet you can take the 3rd star pair from.
  3. Clean with glass cleaner and dry completely.




Article Posted: 05/08/2017 02:15:10 PM

Best Teacher Mug
Best Teacher Mug
Best Teacher Mug
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